The Beautiful Mistake

The Beautiful Mistake is a motivated, young band who've already well worn a path from their homes on the California coast to the east coast, played a much-coveted spot at this year's CMJ, and have a head-turning E.P. and ambitious album tucked in their belts. In most cases, success of this measure has the distinct tendency to inflate egos, bury modesty, and turn bands who start out with the best intentions into greedy, unapproachable, salespeople.


Jon Berndtson - bass
Shawn Grover - guitar/vocals
Josh Hagquist - vocals/guitar
Armin Chami - drums

It is abundantly clear that TBM is determined to tip-the-scales in the right direction with a little heart and honest….and perhaps some dynamic aural demolition too. Undaunted by a new musical generation that values record sales over sincerity, and exhaustive touring over the bonds of friendship, TBM remains a close knit group of friends who temper staying "grounded" and prioritizing loved ones with their insatiable appetite for making music that matters. The result is a whirlwind of tenacious guitar lines, kidney squeezing rhythms, and tug-of-war tenor gut-spilling to throat-bursting screaming. And their newest record stands out as more insightful, uplifting, and heart-wrenching than most of their current peers in the hardcore/emo genre.