Mark Salomon - Vocals
Ryan Dennee - Guitar
Dirk Lemmenes - Bass
Neil Samoy - Guitar
Sam West - Drums and also Jeff Bellew - Guitar

Nitro has got themselves a real winner with Stavesacre. The songs are relentless, determined, and emotionally draining the entire way through. The guitars rise and fall melodically in the manner and precision of Samiam. What makes Stavesacre stand out from the melodic hardcore crowd would be their enormous breadth of low end power! The bass guitar is huge, and the guitars themselves appear to have the bass turned up. The songs progress with intensity and emotion in an honest and powerful way. Stavesacre is one of the top 10 records, of any genre, that was released in 2002.

If you are looking for something to give your best friend in the whole wide world, I would like to suggest Stavesacre's Greatest Hits record "Collective". This "best of" album shows the history of this truly amazing band. Stavesacre has members from The Crucified, Chatterbox, The Blamed, Focused and many more. Stavesacre has always been an amazing band and should be on the OzzFest tour. "Collective" samples from the bands amazing recordings on Tooth & Nail. This is must for any fan of Hard Rock music, and it doesn't include a DJ or some other garbage that has been done by 6 million other bands.

Stavesacre should be one of the biggest bands in the music industry. You'll find that lyrically they uplift your spirit and make you have a "Come to Jesus" talk with yourself." Bottom Line: Stavesacre is like losing sleep. Even though you're mad that you can't sleep, you love the time spent thinking about everything.