Sanctus Real

The four boys of Sanctus Real picked a very suitable name for their first radio-played album: Say It Loud. This album is packed with 12 tracks of screaming guitars, crashing cymbals and crystal clear lyrics. Sanctus Real has a refined sound akin to that of a band with countless long nights in the studio. Each cut on the album is flawlessly mixed, mastered and produced. It's no wonder. Legendary producer Pete Stewart, whose fingerprints can be found on the works of tobyMac, Tait and other rockers, is behind this creation. While the band has three independently released records under its belt, Say It Loud is Sanctus Real's first label-produced album. However, that fact is not clearly evident. Several of the band's songs from their earlier projects are found on Say It Loud, proving Sanctus Real has tangible talent and songwriting skill. The overall musical texture of Say It Loud is a clever mix of familiarity and divergent identity. Hints of Relient K, Tree63 and even Bleach bleed through. Yet, the album retains its own individual experience. Sanctus Real works within an addictive compilation of aggressive modern rock and straightforward melodies.

It's punchy, it's loud and the singing of lead vocalist Matt Hammitt often borders on screaming. It couldn't sound better! Terrific songwriting, masterful production and a blend of unique fluency formulate one purely great album.

Sanctus Real was featured on the recently completed, multi-act Festival Con Dios tour and will continue to perform in over 100 cities across the country to an estimated 250,000 fans by the end of April 2003.

Sanctus Real has already built a significant fan base through performing in churches, clubs, bars, coffee houses and any place where they could spread their positive message of hope and faith. As the band continues to tour, its fans also had the opportunity to hear the title track from SAY IT LOUD on the FOX Network’s highly publicized new drama, John Doe. Capturing the national spotlight, Sanctus Real originally caught Sparrow Records’ attention and was eventually signed to the label following its impressive win of Clear Channel WIOT- FM’s “Best Band” contest. Sanctus Real beat out 75 other hopefuls to receive the top award from the station, one of Toledo’s top commercial radio outlets. With over five years of touring and three independent records already to its credit, the band teamed with producer Pete Stewart (TobyMac, Tait) to fine tune its brand of aggressive, melodic Rock and Roll for SAY IT LOUD. For more information on Sanctus Real and SAY IT LOUD, please visit